I Really Need Some Help...

He called today...but it was not a very casual talk....he looked depressed... He said 2 or 3 things which are troubling me alot.... First, he said that he doesnt want to be with any person now..he said that its just an illusionary world and he is feeling lost in it...for this i think that it is just due to stress and lonliness.... Second, he said that he knows he is changing but he cant help himself... When in the beginning of our relationship...i asked him "i hav heard that guys change after training..how can i believe u"...that time he assured that it was nt possible and i believed him....and even if he changes for good i dont hav a problem...but i m afraid that it will affect our relationship... Third, he said "i know just 55 days are left but this time m not excited about it".....i m again worried for it.... Should i bother about all this???
Fourth, he said that he read a novel..."can love happen twice"...he said that it had a very strong lines in the end that sometimes our privilages over power our relationship......i m afraid coz he hasnt said anything like that before.....

Is all this normal due to basic training or something else??? Has anything of this kind happened with u all??? I really need some advice....this tension is not letting me do anything....although he said that there is an issue he has to discuss when he comes home and it is not at all related to breakup or something like that....he was positive about our relationship and said there is no harm to it....even we both hav a thinking like once we hav entered into a relationship...its obvious that it will work till the end....but m scared that he will refuse from everything that he said at the time of our committment.....

Idk if this story is making some sence coz everything is messed up in my brain right now....i need advice from u all coz m not able to decide how to think.....do u think he said all this due to his depressed state of mind or is there something i should be worried abt our relationship...???
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its hard over there i'm not going to lie to you. they get confused, homesick, and lost from the world they were used to before leaving. sometimes separation will get to them and all we can do is hope that any doubt that they may have will disappear once you're in their arms again!

Well he is not doubting me....he is afrai that i am changing and i m doubting him....i m also bothered that he is changing....actually m myself confused....at one time i think that he doesnt love me and later i realise that he is still the same.....i also think that everything will b fine once he comes home.....i think that novel has added to his stress....

I don't beleave so. When your in basic training it is very hard give him the time,hes growing, and trying to piece it all together. Remember be positive, and one more thing you never get enough sleep! LOL.

Hahaha.....i know that....but cant help myself....yesterday i thought to sleep early....lied on bed at 11 n slept at 1:30....so i pass that time here....anyways thanks for the advice....m feeling much less stressed :)

Hahaha,you shouldn't lied you should have laid. lol

Lol...yes....i laid :D

He's in basic training right? He needs to be able to breath right now. Sometimes you don't know if your coming or going in basic training you are treated as if you are nothing, that is why you are getting mixed messages from him.BE THERE FOR HIM! but be positive,let him know that he is getting thru this, if it is day by day. lol

I think thats true......so do u think that there is nothing to be worried abt regarding our relationship? I hav never felt the fear of losing him but today idk why but m tensed :(