Beginning Of A Hard Life.

Hi, my name is Alacia and I am 19 from LA, my boyfriend, David, left in January to start Basic Training in Georgia and is now going on to AIT and won't be back until September, he hasn't decided whether or not he wants to go active when he completes AIT though. It's been really hard with him gone because we lived together before he left. Sleeping in the same bed with someone for so long and then not having them there every night makes for a very messed up sleep schedule. I try not to tell him I miss him very often because I know he needs to focus on what he is doing, but it is just so hard... I'm not really sure what I am getting myself into, but I do love him and I told him 3 years ago when we started dating that I would/could go through with this with and for him. Any advice is greatly appreciated...I am at a loss here and we're not even engaged to be married or anything just yet. I'm not really sure if that makes that much of a difference, all I know is that I miss him but I am also very proud of my soldier.
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it's just a hard thing to go through period. the most you can do is keep writing to him, waiting for his calls, and keep yourself distracted. best of luck! :)