Boyfriend Just Left For Basic...Advice?

So I have only been together with my boyfriend since Dec 12 and he left for basic a week ago. We are both really in love with each other and have talked in depth about getting married and our future together and everything (I've never been able to discuss stuff like that seriously with any exes). I know that I would never do anything to mess up our relationship but he has major trust issues. He knows that I have cheated on a boyfriend in the past and he's scared I'm going to do it to him but I know exactly how I feel about him and don't want anyone else in the world besides him, but I understand why it worries him. And it doesn't help that all the guys around him are putting thoughts in his head that I'm going to cheat on him. He is an amazing guy that just lets bad thoughts fester in his mind. How can I reassure him that I am going to be faithful to him as well as any advice on how to keep myself sane while he is away?
acartertetrick acartertetrick
18-21, F
May 9, 2012