He's Been Gone A Week...feels Like Months

My boyfriend only left for basic last Monday but it seems like it's been so much longer. Pretty much up until about two or three days ago he had been able to call me every day cause someone let him use his phone. Now he moved to different barracks and he had already told me that he wouldn't be able to communicate much now. I heard from him for a few minutes yesterday but that seem like so long ago. I miss him more than anything and am attempting to keep busy to keep sane but it's difficult. We've gone from seeing each other literally every day to absolutely not at all in an instant and I'm finding it really hard to deal with. I feel like my parents don't fully understand how I am feeling and are just putting up with me being this sad just thinking that I'm just an ignorant 20 year old that doesn't really know what she wants but I do. I miss my boyfriend like nothing else and am finding it really hard to deal. For the last 4days or so I've gotten letters from him and there wasn't one today which upset me alot. I know he is really busy so I know it wasn't because of him, but that is what I have been looking forward to and was just really sad that I had no words from him (whether hearing it or reading it) for a whole day. I'm a mess.
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

I know you wrote this story a while ago but i want to say that i totally know what you are going through! My boyfriend has been in for over a year but my parents still dont seem to understand how i am feeling. Gettting letters is the best feeling ever but i remember that feeling when you dont get one. it really is horrible but after basic it gets better. snail mail is brutal and i hated it but just try and stay busy and if you need someone to talk to im here for ya! i went through it alone and it was horrible so if you need to vent or just talk i know what yu are dealing with. It will suck for a while but after basic i promise it gets better!

I feel the same way. My boyfriend left 2 weeks ago for basic training at fort Jackson in South Carolina. My parents think the same way too. Except im 19 years old. Im better now because I found girls on this site that are helping me out or going through the same thing as me. Stay strong, keep your head up, and stay busy. It makes the days/months go by faster.

They aren't* worth wasting time on I mean.