Forget Everything When He Calls :/ happens with me most of the time. Like these days...i keep studying all the time or just login ep....or roam abt in the house due to my exams....i dont even talk to most of my friends coz everyone is busy with exams... So..when he calls....we share few important things and after that i get totally blank....just coz of staying quiet and isolated....i dont get topics to discuss.... Idk why that happens... Today he said that i never get a topic to start a conversation.... But i get so excited on hearing his voice and just by seeing his name on my screen that i forget everything and later i keep thinking abt all that i had to tell him... Do u think it can give rise to certain doubts in his mind? Or does it happen with u? It doesent happen all d time....its only when he calls i kept thinking of all this d whole thought to share.... And it will be really great if u hav any solution to it coz i dont wanna give him a chance to complain again???
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3 Responses May 20, 2012 i'll b writing all the topics before he comes...i hope it works :)

I hope it gets better for you, everyone has there good and bad days though, we're only human :)

Yup...thank u..!!

what i do is, when i find something i want to tell him but hes not there to talk to i just write it down in a notepad and when he calls for a long enough phone call i go down my list of things to say, it helps! :)

One of the things you can do ...when you thinking about something you want to talk about with him...simply write it down