The Double Whammy - I'm An Army Fiance In A Long Distance Relationship!!!

forgive the lack of proper punctuation but my need to share overpowers my need to uphold conventions. i just want to share lol.
i met my fiance in the summer of 2010 while visiting the US. up to that point i had never had much luck with love and guys and had began to doubt i ever would. i was kinda dating someone else when we met and i wasnt very interested in starting something new without ending this other thing.

anyways over the course of the summer we spoke at different intervals on the phone and in person. then one day it just happened. i looked at him and could see my self being more to him than just a friend. it was the final day of my visit and i had to return home to my own country.

then came the skyping and the phone calls, the instant messages and the texts. it was continuous. the first time we spoke wen i got home, we talked for 8 hours!!! gosh lol. we quickly beame friends and our relationship built up from there. i started going to see him every couple of months. and man was it hard being in different countries but somehow we seemed to make it work because of our committment to each other and to making it work.

then in april he proposed to me while we stood in a boston market getting food. something so routine. god i love this guy. i told hime yes. being in a distance relationship forced us to become serious with each other because otherwise it would fail.
he knows i want a better proposal but i understood that i wud have to wait cus he doesnt make much money.

we had spoken about him joining the army a couple times before and as the reality of not getting a well paying job set in, he decided that in order for us to move forward he wud have to join the army. it was a sacrifie he wud be willing to ake for our future.

i support him in his decision. its been one day now and i had to look for a support group cus i'm dealing with a double whammy - we're in a distance relationship and he just enlisted in the army!!! god. some people might say i''m crazy but i have found the man who takes care of me, supports me in all my decisions and wants the best for me. we have more of a life apart than most people have together. so yes i will risk it becuase i know it will pay off in the long run

if anyone has a similar experience i wud love to chat and exchange more. i know i'm in pretty rare group (my double whammy) but if u meet one category hit me up.
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I know all about the long distance situation... my soldier is in okinawa japan I'm over in the states... he will be over there three long years... people think I'm outta my mind waiting so long...but hey he is worth the wait... communication and trust big factor...stay positive :)

oh man. that is hard. i understand why you are willing to and i dont think you're crazy. are you guys gonna get married? cus then u know u cud go with him. but stay strong u make me believe that this can work out for me. message me anytime. it def. helps

Thank you! Yes we do plan to marry in the not to far future...I would really love to go be with him... but I'm new to the military lifestyle and don't no how that works.

I'm in you're boat too. Only it's always been a some what long distance relationship. I live 45 minutes away from his home town. He just graduated high school. So with him in sports me working two jobs and always working weekends I barely got to see him when he was home. With my boyfriend who is also enlisted in the Army. Which he is at Basic right now. It will be six months till I get to see him. see his smile, he gorgeous green eyes. I know it's hard but there is nothing like the love from a soldier. It's the best love their is. It's hard being away but it makes the time we do have with them that much sweeter and so much more special. If you need to vent or anything don't be afraid to send me a message. I know how it is being far away and can't talk to them. But I'm so proud to say I am an United States Army National Guardsman's girlfriend. It will be stressful that's just part of the deal.

thank you for taking the time to respond. i'm sorry to hear about your six month wait. ouch!! that is why websites like these are so important it helps us to remember we are not alone. i wudn't dare try to get thru this without some kind of support. why do you have to wait so long to see him tho? i thought after basic was graduation? please explain
hobbies are good to get into. i'm gonna work on my body cus i know he's working on his!! lol. i also decided to start up the piano again and with work the weeks might zip by.
haven't heard from him today and its hard cus for the almost 2 years we have been together we talk almost every minute of the day. so for me its like going through withdrawal now omg.
anyways anytime you want to talk message me. it will mean alot to hear from someone else who completely get the situation.