I Miss Him So Much And I Have Nobody To Talk To :(

hi, i m from pakistan. i think alot of people wont like me here but i think u should listen to what i have to say (i m not very good with english) because we all are not bad... we face the same problems you do but its more difficult for us because we are not allowed to see our bf before marriage so we dont get to see off them when they go on wars or something... my bf is going through training, we have been together for almost 7 yrs now. i m 19 and he's 21.. we love each other more then words can say. we dont get to talk much u know how it is. and its so hard for me bcz none of my frnds understands how it feels and i cant share my feelings with anyone :'( its 4:13 in the morning and i m listening to songs which make me cry and missing my life here.. anyone out there who can just be a good friend? just hoping you arent bored and could suggest some good ways to pass my time? btw i do meet him sometimes when he comes home (without anyone knowing) and thats the best time of my life:))
missmybf missmybf
18-21, F
May 24, 2012