To My Soldier

My nights are getting longer. I feel like Im running a marathon that I'll never see the finish line. Missing you is my new favorite hobby. I find myself scrolling through old text messages that we have shared just so I can be closer to you. Not being able to breathe the same air, gaze at the same stars, or even share the same space is killing me inside. But I knew it was time, time for us to be apart even though it hurts our heart. Your out pursuing your dreams, and working hard for a better future, not just for you but for us. But why is it so hard? Well I can answer that, nothing easy is worth having. I didn't choose life style it choose me. You knew in your heart that I was going to be the girl that could survive the storm. I know I know when it rains it pours, I just I wish you would have prepared me for this. I think I will manage after all its only 14 weeks. If I have to give up 14 weeks just to have a life time for you, baby its all worth it. Because I know the day that I jump right back into your arms its going to be as if you never left. Because we will be together forever, and some times apart, maybe in distance but never in heart!
NotAnotherArmyGF NotAnotherArmyGF
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 9, 2012

i feel the same way.. my boyfriend is away at west point but he comes home in november and im really missing him and I always re read emails ( he hasn't payed his phone bill) and listen to the songs that remind me of him.. i look back at pictures and remember the memories, when all i really want is for him to be back at home. At the end though, it will all be worth the wait that we have to go through, even if the times are long and not as fun without them. I know how you feel. Good luck. :D Message me if you need anything :D