2 Weeks To The Day!

Well ladies, basic training is almost over. I find it crazy to believe that he left 2 months ago today. I still remember the day he left, a lot better than I'd like to. I remember bawling my eyes out nonstop the first week. What made it harder was having nothing to do.
I received his 26th letter today and I still get just as excited reading them as I did the first.
8 weeks ago, my thoughts were "find something to keep busy" and "try not to cry" whereas now, its "time has really flown!" and "what to wear to graduation?!"
Finding this website helped me more than I ever could've imagined. I got on here the day he left and instantly, a bunch of girls were there to help. I was told many times that "it gets easier" and as hard as it was to believe then, it was true. I think that it's not just that it gets easier, but you get so used to it. Used to having him gone, not getting to see each other all the time, not waking up to his text, no kisses, no hugs, no dates, nothing. And in the end, it only makes you appreciate the big and little things that much more.
Some people think that their soldier leaving will make them grow apart. I remember thinking the same thing too, before he left. But really, Chase and I have come to see that all of this has made us so much stronger. If you truly love each other, they're worth the wait. My friends tell me all the time that there's NO way they could handle this. Only communicating through letters and occasional phone calls, "it seems impossible." But like they say, "God picked some of the strongest women and made their match with a soldier." I believe in this whole heartedly. It's not just our boyfriends, fiances, and husbands that are built army strong because of this journey. Its us, too.

Girls who are are just starting this crazy rollercoaster ride, just remember this.
There will be some bad days, without a doubt. It won't be a breeze, but it really does get easier. It may feel like your heart is breaking, but it's only temporary. When you get those letters and calls, they'll remind you that all the tears are way worth it. He loves you so much and needs you here for him, so don't give up. Stay strong and dream of him coming home.<3
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I know you posted this awhile ago, but i'm one of those girls who just started this crazy roller coaster, and I can't wait to be where you were when you wrote this letter. My boyfriend has only been gone two weeks, and I've only heard from him once. It's tough, but I can't wait to feel what you have! thank you so much for sharing this. This is exactly what I needed to read right now.

No problem, girl! Its really hard at first, with everything reminding you of him. But just look forward to the first/next letter, a 1 minute phone call, everything. This is the time that you start seeing how strong you two are as a couple. When you are where I was at when I wrote this, you'll look back smiling thinking the time has gone by so fast. The next time you see him will be like a dream and finally having him home again, something I haven't experienced yet, will by like Heaven, I can imagine. Just try to think positive but don't be ashamed to cry. I'm here for you any time you need me!

Thank you so much. I needed to read this! My boyfriend just left for bootcamp the 28th and It has been the roughest first week ever. Your advice helped so much <3

Feel free to message me any time! I know that it's extremely tough at first and I'm here for you, even if you just need someone to vent to or a shoulder to cry on!

This inspired me so much. It was so sweet. And im with you, i cant believe i have 16 days and i get to see my man. It feels like just yesturday he left. But im excited for you and hope everything goes well for you when you go see your soldier.

Aww, yay! Seeing your message just reminded me of how much time has flown by and how amazing what we're experiencing truly is. I'm happy for you! I hope it goes well for you too, keep us posted. :)

Thanks i will :)

ahhh! im so excited for you! i hope you have fun at graduation. i wish i was in your shoes! but i agree, i cant believe it has been 8 weeks already. time does fly, and i just hope that the next two and a half months fly by for me!! good luck with your soldier!

Thanks! You'll be in my shoes soon, then we can brag about our wonderful experiences with our soldiers together! (:

So happy for you sweetie!. We have both come a long way. Remember when we first started texting. We were both a mess but I kept you distracted with my Cali inside jokes lol. I hope all goes well with you when you go see him!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I remember vert clearly! Lol it doesn't feel like it was 2 months ago, crazy! Thanks for everything. (:

I know!!! It feels like two weeks. I can't believe there are only 28 days until I see my man. Oh man I've been working out every single day! Lol seriously I don't stop. I want to look good for him. He deserves the best. And no thank you! You were the only friend I had in those tough times. And you still are pretty much the only one that I can actually tell personal things to. It's pretty weird. But I'm super greatful!

the time really does fly! those 28 days will go by faster than you know it. i remember being happy about graduation being 60 days away! its still so unreal. i didn't have to work out, i've been running around everywhere from being busy that pounds have shed lol but its been nice! i'm grateful as well!

Oh gosh I hope so!! Haha yeah I remember it being 80 days. And if I could do it all over again I WOULD NOT! Lol but time flew. And yeah I lost weight but I got really thin. I had to gain some weight and shape it the right way. I'm pretty happy right now. I can't wait to see that little *******. I miss him so much. The day is almost here. Well I can't wait to hear allll about your trip :)

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