He Gives Me A Reason

From the moment that I began dating my army man he would always tell me to push myself harder and to be stronger and to not let people step on me. He would tell me to find my dream and to reach it any way that I could. People used to always tell me "he's trying to change you. He should love you for you." and I felt like maybe he did need to take me as I am. But as I have come to know him more and more, I realized that he does in fact love me for me but when you love someone don't you want what's best for them? Don't you look for ways to help them improve? And he has been the only person that has ever had this much faith in me to do what I wanna do and what I love and to do it well and be the absolute best. And I love him to death for that. He gives me a reason to not give up and to give it my all and to live for me. And even though hes stubborn and harsh and not always the sweetest person ever and ****** me off 50% of the time I love that army soldier. Lol <3
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So, very true! Only our army men could push us harder than we've ever considered pushing ourselves. Telling us and wanting us to make changes and do better with our lives! They really are remarkable! Can't wait to have him home and be able to touch his face, give him a hug, kiss his lips and just look into his gorgeous eyes in person in June!

Awe :) you just gave my butterflies. That is so cute. Your baby is deployed?

thanks! :) and, he's at his base now and deploys in a week!

Omg!! :( are you going to get to see him before he leaves?

I totally understand the :( lol! It is very sad and frankly can't even explain the feelings or even thoughts. The easiest way to describe it is Different..I guess numb and weird?! I'm not crying my eyes out (at least not yet), I'm not angry, I'm not upset, I'm just......different. And, unfortunately no I will not be able to see him before he leaves. I saw him off at the airport last tuesday to fly back to his base and that's the last I'll see of him until June! Other than through skype of course (if and when he ever can)!

Wow. Yeah I don't think I will cry until he leaves cuz that's when happened when he left to basic. I felt totally numb and then he texted me that his flight was leaving a cried for two hours strait and did that every night for two weeks. But yeah hopefully you can Skype. I heard that they actually get to talk alot so that's good right?

Awe, I'm so sorry hun! That is definitely a bummer! :( Yeah, I'm sure I'll go through something similar! and, yes that would for sure be great if he gets to talk a lot! :) it's crazy what just his voice can do isn't it? I just find it so crazy how one person can touch you so deeply that it makes you stronger, weaker, smarter, dumber, crazy, sane and all at the same time!

Ahhhh yes I know what you mean. I can't wait to hold him in my arms and smell him. How long has your man been in the army?

Mine had been in the army for 2-2.5 years! We haven't been together during that time but can't picture my life without him now that he is in it! What about yours?

He just started four months ago. I've been here from the beginning and it's been hard but totally worth it!

Yeah, I'm sure it has been hard for you both! But, it can only make things better! :) only fellow military gfs, boyfriends, wives and husbands can understand how we feel and everything! Keep your head up and smile for him and always try to keep his spirits up even when what we really want to do is breakdown and tell him our struggles we have to be army strong for them!

Yeah that's what I tell all the girls on here. Never let him see you break down because it is really hard in them and makes them think like "maybe if I let her go she will be better off" but yeah I love my man and I'm staying as strong as I possibly can

So true! We have to be strong and together on the outside yet weak and a mess on the inside! If only they knew sometimes what we'd really like to say or are thinking. That's why I'm making a video diary while he's gone. It'll be a way for me to release my feelings and emotions and help me out and on the other hand who knows maybe when he's back home and with me he'd like to see it for himself. The only thing I know is I'm not going anywhere!

That actually should like a really cool idea! And I'm not going anywhere ether. I'm here to stay. In the last letter he wrote to me he said that him and all his boys in bootcamp agree that I'm the best gf out of all of the gfs it was so cute. He says he tells them how I'm willing to stay right where I am and wait for him no matter what. I'm so glad he knows what I would do to stay by his side

Thanks! And, awe that is too cute! I'm glad to hear that he knows how you feel and is happy to have you! He knows how special you are and he doesn't want to lose you either! Times will get rough but if you both work together everything will be just fine! :)

Yeah he's adorable. And we have been through alot in our relationship so he knows I'm a keeper. And thanks for the advice :) your so sweet. So how is your man doing?

Well, that's great that you both care so much about eachother and know you both are there for one another! and, anytime girl! :) My man is doing good. Haven't been able to talk as much as usual lately and not sure how much we will be able to this week since he deploys on Saturday. :( but, the sooner he leaves the sooner he'll be back!

Yeah :) and wow :-/ well let's pray he stays safe and yeah he will be back before you know it :)

Thanks! I really appreciate that! :) and, yeah 9 months isn't too long!

Your welcome. And yes it's not that long

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Jake was the same way, this kinda makes me miss him, lol <br />
I never looked at it that way though, I did think that maybe he was trying to change me, but this helped me view it in a different light. Thank you, and in a way he still does it, he wants me to "date other men" we all know that's not going to happen. But I guess its the thought behind it.

Glad you realize. And you need to fight for your man sweetie. Tell him you want him and need him but just let him know that he can't be doing the same sh*t

I'm not sure I can anymore, he doesn't know what he wants and he knows how I feel about him, he just needs to figure his stuff out, and get it together.

Hmmm. Ok then. Well I hope it all works out in the end