Update! :)

Well guys, those last 2 weeks leading up to Chase's BCT graduation strangely flew by! Maybe it's just cause I had a million things to do, I dunno. BUT. I do know that family day & graduation was absolutely incredible. It was so much fun. For those that haven't gone yet, you will, without a single doubt, love it. It's some of the greatest days of your life. (:
So now, he has been at AIT for almost 2 weeks. He says he loves it. He loves everything that he's learning and we get to talk/text every single day. It's a big change! Tonight, we will be having our first skype date! I feel like its a real date, so exciting.
He will be graduating AIT December 10th and will be coming home on the 12th, I can't wait!
We'll be getting an apartment together after Christmas and he said shortly after that he wants to take things to the next level... :)
I just want to say thank you SOOO much to all the girls on here that have helped me every step of the way. Every single person that commented on my stories with support and advice helped me more than they'll ever know. Every word of encouragement made me feel that much happier. I am so blessed to have met the girls I did on this website and I know that just about everyone else in this group would say the same thing.

Keep calm and wait for him.<3
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Hope everything is still going well for you both.