Bragggg Time! :)

So I just wanted to share with everyone that I just got home from the best week of my life! My Soldier just graduated from BCT, and it was so completely amazing! The ceremony was so moving, and being with my soldier again was the best feeling in this world. On family day he wasn't allowed to leave post so we just went to the PX, he bought a PS Vita, we ate a ton of food that was bad for us, and we just enjoyed being with each other again. After graduation he got to come back to the hotel, and we just watched movies, and I watched him get on FB for the first time and play with his new toy! we napped together, snuggled, and just lied there wrapped in each other arms. I can't even explain how happy I was during those two days. Now He is at AIT getting all settled in and getting used to everything! But I will get to see him in 19 days! Being and Army Girlfriend is truly amazing. I cannot even begin to explain how proud I am of my Soldier for everything that he has done in these last 10 weeks! <3
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That's awesome :) It's hard but being an army girlfriend definitely has its rewards. I'm happy you get to see him soon, I wish I could see mine, but he's we have a long road ahead of us. If you ever wanna talk, just add me and send me a message.

Yes it does! the rewards almost make the tough times worth it. But oh wow, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm hoping my soldier doesn't have to be deployed since he's going into reserves, but I guess anything can happen, I mean it is the Army, right? But okay, good deal, and the same for you! :)