Post Deployment

I've been having a few issues ever since my soldier returned from his first deployment a few months ago, and just needed another person's point of view on it or some sort of advice what to do because as much as I love my boyfriend, all the changes are becoming to really bother me. My boyfriend and I have been together almost a year and half and have known each other for about three years. Before the deployment we talked about getting engaged, getting married and then finally settling down together wherever he ended up..but now that things are a little different with him it's been pretty difficult to continue thinking we're going to have a future together and that upsets me because I couldn't imagine my life without him. The post deployment issues I've been dealing with are him getting extremely angry/irritated easily at a moments notice.. and it can even be over the dumbest things. He's also become extremely jealous, which yes I know it's probably because of the distance because we've obviously live away from each other, and recently he's becoming very controlling. When I go out to he bars with girlfriends he throws little fits about me being out, or just gets irritated whenever I talk to my best guy friends that I've grown up with. I show him so much love and affection when I'm with him and even when we're not there's constant communication. I feel like there's no trust from him and there should be no reason for it, I've shown him nothing but faithfulness. Him and I are very open with each other and have discussed these problems and I know they're not going to cure themselves over night, but I still feel like he's not trying. Of course I don't know what he's gone through while being deployed and I understand. I've given him space, I've let him vent anytime he wants and I just feel like it's not helping. I'm honestly feeling drained from this relationship. I know I'm never going to get the same person back ever, and I understand..but things cannot continue like this. Thanks, I would love any feedback! (:
LLutzow0703 LLutzow0703
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012