Confused :/ Need Advice

Everything was great. we had a plan he was going to go to school in January to get his criminal justice degree to become a chp officer. He is in the reserves and was going to get a job. He was going to do school first. Then he met his captain and told him he wasnt doing school first. he has a chance to go to sapper school and wants to go into active duty. It is his life but i have a daughter and cant leave california. i love him and if he wants to go i will support him but he doesnt understand why i cant get a 6 months on and off agreement with my daughter. i can not move my daughter every 6 months and take her away from her life. it would be selfish of me. i love him so much but he doesnt understand why i cant move her. he wants to get married before he deployed in june and i wanted to when he was going to go o school and we were on the same page but now he didnt go to a different page but a different book. i am not trying to talk him out of active duty. he would love it i would be proud of him. but i cant go with him and he wont go without me he said. there is so much pressure and i dont know what to do. please any advice would help im so confused.
Orys517 Orys517
18-21, F
Dec 16, 2012