Being An Army Girlfriend Is Tough, But...

Being an Army girlfriend is tough. When I see my friends with their boyfriends, I always find myself staring at them like a creep, wondering if they know how lucky they are to be able to be with their man everyday. At work during the holidays, women come in with their soldier in his ACU's, and I feel frustration that my soldier hasn't been granted leave but happiness for her getting to have her man for a few days. There are a lot of ups and downs; highs and lows. As much as we want them to, our friends who are single or in normal relationships will never understand the silent pain we endure. They'll never know about those times that we said "I'm going to the restroom" or "I need some fresh air" and we actually just needed a second to gain our composure because we were having a rough day. We wonder if we should talk to them about how difficult being in a military relationship can be or keep it to ourselves because we made the choice to take on this challenge.
It's lonely.
It takes patience.
But mostly,
The amazing thing about it is that, at the same time, it's incredibly easy. To be with a soldier requires an incredible amount of love for that person. And when you love someone that much, they don't seem so far away. Your time apart doesn't seem that long. And the prospect of being with him for a month, 2 weeks leave, a 4 day pass, or even just a weekend is enough to get you through the months apart. And we all know that we want to kiss whoever invented Skype. If we just remember that we still have our own lives to live, goals to reach, and things to do on our own, we can get through these months, this deployment, or this enlistment with strength.
Let him know you're doing ok.
Let him know you're proud of him.
Let him know you're praying for him.
Let him know you miss him.
Let him know you love him.
Let him know you're patiently waiting for him and that you'll see him very soon.
It's tough, but it's all worth it.
We're all going to be ok.
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This made me feel alot better but im still taking this hard......thank you though

I hope everything has been getting better for you. It's a process, we all just have to take it day by day. We're here for you! Feel free to message me if you ever need to. :)

That actually made me feel a lot better.. m lebanese so the milittary is a bit difderent here but the feelings are the same.. very well said.. i cnt tlk to anyone abut it bcz i knw they wld never understand... its hard nt being able to share everything with him and its even harder when i only see him a couple of hours but its worth it .. thank you for the inspiring words

I'm sure the feelings you have being a military girlfriend where you are is no different than the feelings US Army girlfriends feel. :) We're all in the same boat! I totally agree, its hard only getting to be with your soldier for a short time, but its DEFINITELY worth it! :)

Wow! well said. Definitely feeling the same way through this deployment... its very bittersweet! I am sad that I don't get to spend time with him or kiss him. But when I talk to him I am as happy as can be and think about how strong we are to have made it this far and for it to have passed so quickly. I love how he talks about the plans he has with us when he returns.

My soldier deploys soon, gotta admit, I'm pretty nervous. But, same as you, the plans me and my soldier have with each each other for when he gets back makes it all worth it!

you've read my mind on everything i've felt since my soldier left for his training back in July. i can't believe there's other girls out there who feel the same way. all my friends who have boyfriends but are not in the military will never understand what we feel. thanks for your words! i wish you the best of luck with your man!

My boyfriend left in July too! I'm glad this helped. :) Goodluck to you too! :)

I feel like you took everything that I am feeling and put it into words. It truly shows how similar all of us are in what we go through eventhough our S/Os are from all different backgrounds and are different places and do different things. This is amazing:)

Thank you so much. :) It's true, I think a lot of us go through the same struggles. I know, for me, I don't have any other friends who are dating a military man or are even in a long distance relationship, so it's nice to come on here and talk to people who understand!

yeah, and even before he left for BCT and before he moved in, we were long distance (only like an hour away, but about 3 when I was at school) ALOT less than now, but still, it gets difficult at times

I couldn't agree more.



I'm glad you can relate!!!!