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So I found out that my solider will be leaving the day of his graduation. He will be heading to where he will be stationed. Has anyone had to deal with this? We are engaged so I am trying to determine a wedding date. This may be a stupid question but do they get time off to get married?

On top of that... I miss him like crazy.. : /
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I have a similar situation. Since my boyfriend got a break for Christmas, he doesn't get a break after he graduates, and leaves to wherever he gets stationed right from there. I hate not knowing when I'll get to be with him again :/ But congrats on getting married, even if you don't know when you can, you're a step closer to being with your soldier :)

haha ya Christmas was a tease.. and I hate that he has to leave right after... it really does suck. Is your boyfriend at Fort Benning?

Christmas totally was a tease, I said the same thing! and yes he is, he graduates in March.

Mine graduates in april :/

I found out the same thing we also was planning to get married after BCT and before AIT but we have to wait until after AIT over with...

Is he not leaving on graduation day? Mine is.. I have no idea when to get married now : (

No he's not his BCT &AIT all at the same place so he stuck there :( n that's good so jealous but n the good just do what we was thinking do a court wedding n then just plan a huge wedding for later on...just a though

Mine is too. I mean does he leave the day of graduation to his station? Mine leaves to his station right after he graduates.. he will fly there.

Not really sure since today is the first day he there his Seg had just told us all that yesterday when he left for mesp n he,had to be at ft bennett today so now its the waiting game

oh so he jsut started... ok got ya.. mine has been in since nov

Yea he just began....which sucks because my birthday tomorrow

Well happy early birthday. Go out with your girls have fun... it will help for a moment

Thank you n I'll try to have fun we'll see how today goes

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