New Army Girlfriend!

I never thought i would be an army girlfriend! But that changed when i met Ryan! I think he is the most amazing guy ever. I knew it was going to be hard. I didnt think it was going to be with hard. I miss him so much. Sometimes we go days without talking because of training. I am having a hard time. I cant go a minute without thinking about him. Things seem to get harder everyday.
theatergirl93 theatergirl93
1 Response Jan 27, 2013

i never thought that i'd be an army girlfriend, either! my boyfriend is currently at basic training and it's been the most difficult month without him. i think that my first week without communication was the worst... i cried everyday. but i've been trying to focus on school, working out, and other things that i need to do which keeps me going somehow. i think about and miss him all the time, but keeping yourself occupied makes things a tad easier!

I understand completely my boyfriend is in BCT so we talk through letters he now gets to call or text on sundays since he is graduating in February. You two will get through it together. Be strong and be positive. I am also dreading when my boyfriend leaves to AIT because we will be so far away for 5 months. Message me any time!

thanks guys. I really apprecciate you guys replying. it really helps me knowing that i have other people to talk to. I really hope i get to talk to him soon.