New To All Of This..

okay so my boyfriend left to basic training in south carolina and i miss him like crazy... ive gotten 2 phone calls but they were each like 10 seconds long... he reassured me that he loved me and not to panic because he had written me but that letters take forever. I am so proud of him i really am. But a part of me is dying. Before he left we were together 24/7 . We did everything together. I feel like a part of me is missing :( I am just looking for army girlfriends just like myself who could be a good support system for me... because im new to all of this and am unsure about how to approach this situation.
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I can be support to you. I am also an army girlfriend my boyfriend leaves march 4th to Oklahoma and I'm freaking out we as well do everything together. But as other girls have told me find things to keep you busy. And don't think about it to much. It's all in your head. You need to trust your soldier and you need to evaluate how much he means to you. Think of it this way at least you get to talk to him and even if it is only for 10 seconds those 10 seconds mean a lot to him because he has the support he needs. The letters might take a while, but at least you know they're coming. Hopefully this helps. I'm always available to help.

I'm right there with you girl! My boyfriend of almost 5 years just left yesterday for Fort Leonardwood Missouri. He will be gone for 21 weeks. I am having a really hard one with this too. I just have to keep reminding myself that everyday I wake up is one day closer to him coming home. And if I stay busy and try to enjoy my lift the best that I can, I know the time is going to fly by.