Today February 4th I have sent out my first 2 letters to my man. I am so excited for him to receive them. I have made entries each day on what I did and how I am doing (also let him know I am here supporting him and cant wait for him to come home to me). He has been gone now for 20 days now and not a day goes by that I am not thinking about him. I miss him dearly. Soon he will be getting my letters and know that everything is alright! I am so proud of him for what he is doing for our country! Valentines day is coming up and I made a personalized card from walgreens that has a picture of us, a pic of me, and a pic of our kitten. Then on the inside left is a poem I found that has to do with distance and the love we have, then on the inside right I wrote basically saying that although I am not able to be with you on Valentine's Day you are still here in my heart, then on the back in big letters it says I LOVE YOU. He is def going to enjoy that card.

This distance really has been hard. It honestly has already made our relationship stronger. It sucks when you think about things you did in the past that you wish you never did, or you think about times you yelled at someone and that could of been the last time you talked to them. I'm learning as I go along that you shouldn't take things so seriously. Just laugh and love and your life will be perfect. Remember that he is there thinking about you just as much as your thinking about him. Support him and let him know you are here for him!
alwaysnforevertk alwaysnforevertk
22-25, F
Feb 4, 2013