Really Really Sad

Really really sad right now.
My boyfriend is currently deployed (we still do get to talk a lot though)
Today our Viber wasn't working so we didn't get to talk. Tonight i was sitting on skype and we got to send a few texts back and forward which made me happy but that isn't why I'm upset

I got a little extra money and i was going to buy us break apart "Mizpah Coins"
He basically blew it off when i asked him about it. He thought it was stupid
All i asked was if i bought it and had it shipped to him would he wear it?

it was me trying to show him exactly how much i love him and think about him and he blew it off.

Then to make it worse he just logged out before saying goodbye, right after he said no. So yea now i feel terrible could hysterically cry
LittleMissAirhead LittleMissAirhead
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1 Response Feb 5, 2013

He must have had a rough day or the stress of being over there. Still doesn't give him an excuse to be that rude to you. Maybe the next time you get to talk to him (and if you have time), tell him how you feel because he won't know until you tell him. I kinda understand your situation even though my boyfriend hasn't deployed yet. Hope things work out!

Since this things have been really tense and we have missed 2 skype dates due to being busy. Really miss when we used to be able to have 1 a week. I just want him home.