I'm sad.. I didn't get any letter today I miss hiiiim!!! >.<!
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Anyone know how long it takes once they get there til they can write??:(

I think 1-2 weeks it deppends where they are and the seargents they have.. when your soldier stared??

He left about a week and a half ago. Before he left he said he expected it to be like 4 weeks til he was able to write??

Yes, that deppends where he is! no worries u gonna get a letter from him soon!
Where is he? :)

Thanks (: He's in Georgia, I'm not sure of the specific base!

Maybe in Fort Benning.. thats in GA. :)
And be patient! Sometimes they don't have to much time to write specially the first weeks! Afters that it become more easy and they have more access to make calls and write :) Mine is in South Carolina and he has a month and 2 weeks and only I have 3 letters :/ haha lol so it deppends :D

Yes, that's it! I've already written him a few to send when he's able to get them. It's so rough... But for you at least you're almost a quarter through! That's exciting (:

I did the same i stared write him before i got the address hahaha :D! Thats fine you are prepare to send a book when u get the address lol xD
And yes is cute and exciting soon u gonna get ur letters i promise :3!
And i saw a lot of girls in this site with BFs there, u should ask or look so you can get more infomation :D!

I'm very excited for that (: and awesome I'll have to do that! Thanks so much (: haha

U welcooome I'll be here is u need talk or something :))!

Thanks, it's so great to have support! Same to you (:

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