Is there a certain time on Sundays that they get to call in basic training? It's also his first week there so will I even get a call?
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Count yourself lucky he didn't go into the Marine Corps. We got one phone call and that was when we arrived on Parris Island, it was scripted and you could not go off script. After that, letters were your only form of communication.

I know, my dad was in the marines it's very different

Different yes, but I prefer stupid haha I missed everyone so much and waiting on letters was like torture. I wish you guys the best and don't be a normal army wife when that time comes. If you don't know what I mean I am sure you will learn :)

Haha I bet. And yeah stupid is a better way to describe it. I hate when communication is on the down low. Thank you :)

He will hopefully be able to call you for a few minutes (if he's out of reception) telling you he made it safe etc (: it depends if he calls you or his family though. then when he enters white phase(after about 4 weeks) he can call you every Sunday! My soldier splits time between me and his family so I get 20 mins to 30 mins to talk to him (:

I think he's still in reception. I'm not sure though. If he is will he still call or not?

I'm not 100% sure, but in my situation my soldier called his parents but he was out of reception when he did. It is different for everyone so he might call, but if he's still in reception I don't think he will, but I could be wrong because some people do get calls in reception so I'm praying you do get a call!!(:

Thank you :) I really hope I get one too

My first call was last Sunday . His first Sunday there . It was 9:00pm my time , he's a hour behind . Only for two minutes . Hopefully your bf will get to call you today :) hopefully mine will get to call again !! Lol fingers crossed

I hope so! I'm glad yours got to call. I am just really anxious to hear his voice and get his mailing address so we can start writing. trying not to get my hopes up to high though. But fingers crossed :)

I'm going to the army in a few months, and I was told when they get to their destination their phones and clothing are mailed back home. They will only be able to call home once in basic training, then at the end of basic training they will be able to call home again.

Really? That's not what I've heard from several other people.