So Exciting :)

Ok so I totally get to see my DB for a whole week!!!  I leave this Friday to go down there and see him and spend time with him and dye eggs with him and everything!!!  This is like his first holiday (sence 2 Thanksgivings agao) that he get's to spend with some one he's known for more then a year and accually celebrate the holiday :)  (ok valentines day was there but that's not a major holiday).  I'm so excited bc I know that this means a lot to him :)  :D:D:D  lol i'm excited!

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haha i was just about to ask. thank you

lol it's ok... I didn't know untill I stumbled onto a site that used that term and it's just habit now :)<br />
<br />
DB = Dear/Darn/Deployable Boyfriend<br />
DF = Dear/Darn/Deployable Fiance<br />
DH = Dear/Darn/Deployable Husband<br />
<br />
It depends on how you feel about them at the time really :)<br />
<br />
:D:D:D:D:D Still so excited cuz tomorrow is gonna fly by I'm so busy!!! Woo Hoo!!!

what is DB? lol i feel like an idiot but i dont know!