Pvt. Klotz

My boyfriend left for Ft. Benning on the 16th of April, he will finally start BCT on the 29th he has been in reception for a long time! I cant wait untill his 14 weeks are up, im so excited to go to his graduation with our new son (due July 4th). This is a hard experience but i know it will make us strong.

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good luck =) congrats on your little one! this will def make you stronger and if you ever need to talk we are all here for you

awh goodluck im sure it will make you guys alott strong i wish you the best

thats good that your lookin at it like that girl. my soldier went to ft benning its a beautiful plae and they train really good so ur mans in great hands.... things will be hard but it will be worth it in the end...

My boyfriend just left for bct on june 23rd. good luck to you:)

That's too sweet! My nephew is there as well enjoying some BCT. I hope everything is going great for you...hang in there.

it will definitely make yall stronger! i hope it will for me and my soldier too! message me if you need support that's what we are all here for!!