We have been together 6 months and 12 days today.  Tomorrow he is leaving for Basic.  9 to 10 weeks I will be without him.  Communication will consist of letters and one 10 minute call a week. If I'm lucky.  He is a guitar player, I am a piano player.  He is a painter, I am a writer.  I'm one half and he is the other.  When we are put together, we fit perfectly.  I am 16.  He is 17.  He is my first boyfriend not because I was never asked, but because he was the only one I've ever said yes to.  He is special.  He is the one.  And he is mine.  I will wait as long as I have to because I am in love with him.  Waiting is just a small part of the time.  The end result will be us.  I think we are worth the wait.  I want to learn as much about army life as possible so if anyone can give me information about it, please contact me.  I want as much information as possible.

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I know what your going thru my boyfriend and I have been together for almost 7 months.he is eighteen and I am.seventeen. luckily I still have time because he wont leave till July. I have no clue what to expect. But I hope you guys work out

You are going to have to be very patient. It's going to be hard when there are weeks without a phone call or a letter. Don't just think he doesn't want to talk to you, he may just be too busy! This does happen sometimes, but once you start with the letters, they help a lot! You are going to get a lot of mixed feelings from being proud, to sad, to mad, to happy, to depressed, to anxious all in a day and its frustrating. By keeping busy and finding hobbies, school, work, good friends, its a lot easier to get through! It also helps from the emotional roller coaster you may go through! Tell him you miss him, but don't over do it. He will miss you as well, but by saying your life is miserable without him there, will make him feel bad about leaving and possibly get distracted from what he needs to focus on the most! He may come back a different person, but you have to be patient with that. They are pretty much mind washed during training and told that relationships will fail and their loved ones back home are going to leave them or cheat.. It's just their way of making them into the soldier they will become. It sounds horrible, but you have to stay positive.. It's just what happens! Change isn't always a bad thing so keep that in mind as well! He may come back a better person than he already is now! You will see in time! Stay strong for you and for him! Wait for him if that's what your heart desires and be faithful! Tell him how proud you are and let him know that you will wait! That means so much to them! I wish you both the best and the most strength possible! If you ever need someone to talk to, for advice, to complain, or vent, I am here as well as a lot of these amazing ladies! My inbox is always open!

Beautiful. Seems like we're sailing in the same boat!<br />
head up, he'll need to know how patient and strong you are for the both of you<br />
I'm sure everything will go just as it should<br />
have fun! :)

Yes we are cuz im 17 and my soliders 19 n all this hit me like a ton of bricks


It is so hard going days without hearing from him. There will be days that you will feel down and so alone. You'll feel as if you're whole world is being torn upside down. You'll feel like no one in the world can relate to you. Just remember that there are many many other girls going through the exact same thing as you. I was just informed only tonight that after this week, I won't have any contact with my boyfriend for several months due to Ranger training. I know I'm going to be on this fabulous site constantly for the next several months just to keep me going. Try and keep your days as busy as possible. It helps for the time to fly by.