I Got the First Letter Today!

today marks the 12th day matt has been away in basic. he left june 10th for reception at fort sill and stayed there for basic. he actually didn't start basic until the 18th. but for a week while he was gone we got to talk and text each night until 9:30 which was nice then it stopped because they took their phones away. that was hard. i got a call on fathers day which was the 4th day we hadn't talked. i was so excited to hear his voice even though it was only a 5 minute phone call it was great! so today i went to check the mail and got a letter from him! the first. i think i cried for 20 minutes straight but it was a good cry! he called me the love of his life and all kinds of sweet stuff and said this seperation will only make us stronger and i believe him. i really underestimated the power of words and communication until now. just have faith ladies and good things come to those who wait! if anyone needs anything please let me know! we need to stick together as army girlfriends and by the way don't listen to people who say "You're not even married, this won't be that hard." because i have heard it over and over and they couldn't be more wrong!

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People who say things like "it shouldn't hurt that bad because you're not married" make me so mad. Yes, I am young, but I can still feel. I can hopelessness swallow me up after he left. I can feel his absense. I can feel the hurt that only comes from days upon days of loneliness. For all those people who say that only married people can hurt, I respectfully disagree. Check out the tears on my cheeks; they're not fake.

I cant wait to get my first letter! I miss him so much! He left for Basic on June 19th but the last text he could send me was on June 24th before they took his phone away. :( He tells me "i love love love you, you are my everything, the only one i want and will need. i love you" :,) i wanted to cry. but he assures me he'll send a letter soon. but im so impatient, and i check the mail daily for his name. Hopefully itll be real soon. ive even already started of a letter, just to help me a little. i have yet to send it, since i wont know his return address until then. hopefully he'll appreciate that. <br />
I do have a question though.... Any idea if we can send pictures along with a letter??? Are they allowed to keep them? i only wonder because i feel its unfair i have all his pictures on my cell and can see them when i want, but all the ones he has of me were on his phone, and sadly those are taken from them for now.

my boyfriend is currently in fort sill for basic. the first letter came in on our 3 month anniversary and i was so happy!

its only beed three days for me but im dying to get that first letter! <br />
my friends do not understand how hard it is because we are all still young, but he is the most importent thing in my life, and i would wait forever if i had too. its so hard to not even be able to hear is voice or hear him breathing at night,

I can't wait until I get my first letter, even though it's been only a day.

the people who make the comment about not even being married yet...they just don't understand!! you don't have to be married to miss or love someone. i'm happy that you got your first letter! i can't wait til i get mine. even though this process is still hard!!!

I know exactly what you mean. I hate how people comment about us like that.. They don't understand how hard it is. Even if you're not married, it's still hard.

I remember when I got my first letter I had never been as happy in my life.