i'm holding onto the last kiss, the last big bear hug he gave me, you know, the one where he picks you up off the ground and swings you around. i'm holding on those last words he said before he turned around and walked away. i held onto my tears the whole time, as to not make it harder for him to see me cry, but i might as well have let him seen them, not even a millisecond after he turned, i felt the tears start dropping. i felt this power come over my body, one willing me to force him back into my arms, but then also willing me to be strong. and with him, the chemistry we have is beyond perfect. the first time i ever saw him, i felt it, HE felt it, i' pretty sure everyone in the room could feel it. its been one week since he left,  and now i'm left with 12 months to go, with the exception of R&R. Some say "no news is good news." and i'm trying to believe it in a way but i've never been in this position before. This is his first deployment. The first time I've really felt the feeling of missing somebody. I don't even have his exact address yet, but I'm already writing letters. So I don't know how many calls to expect, how fast his letters will get here once they start, or anything. My girls don't understand how i'm feeling, because their men are right here with them, and its hard, harder than I thought it would be. I remember him telling me, right before he walked away "this isn't my job, this is MY l i f e" and he said it with so much pride, he was so ready to go and protect his homeland, and that made me all the more proud to be by his side. to be his girlfriend :)


i hate missing him, but i love having someone to miss.

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I loooooove that last quote!! I keep saying that over and over. I never thought I'd meet someone who would make me feel the way he does and now that I did I'm just so grateful! He left for Afghanistan last month and it's so hard missing him but it's so wonderful to know that he's in my life! I totally get you there!! He makes me so proud and it makes me so happy to be here to support him. Feel free to message me anytime if you want to talk!

awwwww i kno this feeling!! i went to the ceremony too. the hardest thing to do is to let him go and watch him get on that bus!! i hated it. as soon as i let him go i busted out crying. this made me cry cuz it took me back to that day. he left over a week ago and i've heard from him...received emails and phone calls, everything but its not the same at all. if u need someone to talk to just let me know b/c im going through the same thing right now

this made me want to cry! my boyfriend isn't deployed yet, he's in AIT right now, but i can imagine how you feel and know the feeling of having this tremendous sadness come over but all the while trying to remain strong for him. i know you'll stay strong and i know how you feel about not having anyone to turn to. i just joined this experience project thing, so i'm pretty new to everything but i already feel like there's countless girls out there who have my back and i can talk to if i need it. if you need to talk i'm here for ya. i hope you hear from him soon =]