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I never thought that I would become an Army Girlfriend. I am 18 years old and my boyfriend is 19. Yes, we are young but we are committed. I never experienced anything like this before. It's something new, but yet tough. We have been together for a year and a couple of months now. When he decided that he wanted to enlist in the Army FULL time..I was so hesitate about it. The first thing that I thought about was Iraq. We had plenty of talks about his decission. I decided to toughen up and deal with it. It's something that he just really desired to do and I didn't want to break his dream. I'm in college now doing what I want to do and he didn't have second thoughts about my dreams. He just motivated me more. Moving on, on both sides we are cool with our parents and the family love us so much. When my boyfriend was about to leave..I thought that I wasnt going to be able to make it. I was feeling all weird and everything seem so wrong to me. We spent plenty of time together before he left so we would remember memories. I started college before he left and I really didn't like it but it was okay. I cried like a big baby when he left and thought about him so much. It wasn't a time that he didn't cross my mind. I had alot of comfort from alot of friends though. He left for Basic Training. I am trying to stay busy as possible..well lately I have been. That helps a whole lot!! Time has really gone by. I was so excited when I heard from him in two weeks on that Sunday. It makes your heart warm up. He wrote me a letter and I been writing him every since then. I keep a journal with me to write in everyday so when he graduate I'm gonna give it to him so he can read through it when he go to AIT! His graduation is the day before Thanksgiving and I can't wait. I'm gonna be thankful to have him safe in my arms. But to sum it up...being an Army girlfriend isn't easy at all. It's like the hardest job ever!! and thats just being the girlfriend so imagine the wife! ! but love is strong and YOU will have to be strong for the both of yall cause he will get discouraged and you would have to uplift him. I had to do it to.

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I'm in almost the same boat. My boyfriend in 19, I'm 18. I'm in college while he's leaving for basic. We've been together for three years now, but I've never had any real connections with the military. Let us know how you're doing. It's nice to know that there's other girls out there in a very similar situation and are finding ways to get by.

hey girls my man just left today. I've been a mess all day. Saying bye was so hard i couldnt stop crying. It feels good to know am not alone in this because its hard for other people to understand what we are going through. I really need support right now...i am staying strong and can't wait or the day i'll see him. Its really tough.

hey girl i understand how u feel my boyfriend has been in the army for 5 yrs and i know wat u feel gosh when he left i was like half of me left with him...and trust the frist week he left for deployment i broke down but trust be strong for him and urself stay busy do whatever u can just not to think about it ....cause in the long run the wait and patience witll b worth it ...stay army strong

Hey. My boyfriend is in the army too and all I can say is stay strong! stay in your routine and focus on your guy because basic is the first of many trainings to come! Being an army girlfriend in college is super hard, but its definitely worth it!

Hi, I am a army girlfriend. My boyfriend is at AIT right now. I have been having some really hard times! One my dad hates him and I don't know why I think it's because he is in the army. Everyone else loves him! We have been dating for 9 months now. I love him so much and I would never do anything to hurt him! I miss him so much right now! Even when he is in AIT I can't talk to him anytime I want I can't call him for help or anything like that! I don't get a lot of time on the phone with him. It really makes it hard even when my dad hates him :( I just don't know what to do anymore. If u can help me that would be great!

I know the feeling. My boyfriend just left on Monday for basic training and its been really hard. We talked on Tuesday because he still had his cell phone until he got to the base. But I hate not knowing when the next time I'll hear from him will be.

aw i feel ya. my boyfriend just got back from basic august 28th. and he leaves for ait this summer