So Happy!!

Okay, first I would like to thank everyone who commented on my other stories, they really helped me.  Secondly, my boyfriend called me this morning (just like every morning) at 4 something and told me he has a way that he could be stationed at home and I just about started crying right then and there. It's something called 160th in aviation he called it special operations. I don't have all the statistics yet... But, there are only a couple bases that have that and our base back home in WA has it!!  It means he would only be deployed for 90 days at a time and he would be here for  4 years!!! He told me not to say anything to his family which is easy but I had to share it here! Thanks for listening!!

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3 Responses Nov 5, 2009

:( i'm sorry that it hasn't. i'm sure something good will happen soon!! keep your head up! :)

ohh ma gawdd... thats the kind of thing i dream about hearing... im so gladd for you that is so great yyu must feel really relieved... (exhale) i wish that would happen to me...

thanks!! :) and he comes home for thanksgiving. i am so excited! :)