How Did You Meet Your Army Man?

Sometimes it's just not 'love at first sight'....maybe I'm wrong...maybe it's because you grew in love together while enjoying each other’s company and share many things in common.  In my experience...Never would I have thought I'd fall for my army man, because I am in the army and I know how those guys operate.

My 1st army guy cheated on me, so I’m left to think that they’re all pigs; some more than others. But some of them complete opposite but most importantly for the reason of: “Never would I have thought I'd fall for my army man”, because a) I didn't want to get hurt again. Ladies, there’s been a change of heart…

How I met my army guy was through training – he was my section commander when I was a fully trained private; he kept everything professional, and respected me even outside uniform. I am not trying to be boastful in any means, but I know I'm not haggard looking so I really appreciated this! It's definitely hard being in the military, but it’s that much harder being in the military for a GIRL (you gotta work that much harder because you are a girl)!  Anyways, when he left the Regiment for work up training to Afghanistan, was when I realized I was missing him. We would go on our random lunch get-togethers in-between his training, and it was then I realized that I was simply falling for him. The interest was definitely there ever since I met him, but I wanted everything to be kept professional and I was seeing someone non-military at the time. Now that he’s in Afghanistan – I’ve never cried so hard in my life for someone like him.

I am not from the outside looking in…I am inside looking out and I know what goes on …it’s that much more worrisome so ladies, I feel for ya everywhere!

Right now, we’re both a little late on where things are…Because his deployment for Afghanistan was so soon, I never mentioned that I was interested…the waiting process was getting to me that I had to tell him how I felt. I didn’t want to regret anything, so I told him:

Me: "I'm not expecting much, just the fact that you acknowledge what I've said’, [I told him in a previous email that I had liked him but he had disregarded it.] ‘Whether you do think the same way or not, let me know. It's something that I have been thinking of and it’s more than "like" and not a phase...I am capable of a lot of things including waiting for a traveling soldier. Either way, I'll still be happy to be your good friend".

Because internet access is limited I waited hummm 3-4 weeks for a response:

My Army Guy: "Yeah, you caught me, was kinda trying to avoid the topic for a while but alright.  Yes I like you too, perhaps more than "like" you.... but....  now what?  I think to start anything right now would be crazy, still got about 5 months till I get back and to ask you to wait sounds kinda weird..."

Though we’re not a proclaimed couple yet, I couldn’t have wanted or ask for anything more. Regardless of what he says, I still wait patiently (because actions speak louder than words) while I support him.

My question to you is: How Did You Meet Your Wonderful Army Man?


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I should say my Army Man met me on an online Christian dating Website. I had just said I was not going to renew my membership, and his membership was up in a few days after he saw my profile. We both have found our soul mates and are planning our wedding as we speak

I met my army man in eighth grade and due to certain experiences with men prior to that, I was too scared to even make friends with him. Us meeting didn't happen almost because I almost moved and he had just moved into town. We attended the same high school together, same graduating class and everything, and even attended college together. He told me that he had liked me from day one and I was his first serious girlfriend that even his parents liked and my parents like him even so it works out great. We live in the same town five minutes from each other by walking so it is great when he can visit home. I am happy to say that it will be eight months together on the 16th of this month and he will be visiting soon so couldn't be happier.

how do i meet i dont live in america

I met my man on as well. He had just got back from deployment in August 2010 and we started talking shortly after. We stood as friends for awhile... texted each other once in a while.. But never hung out. (He lives 2 hours away from me) Finally, we started really talking and he came down September 18, 2010 to see me. We hung out and went and did different things. We started dating on September 19th, 2010. He comes down ever weekend to visit me and hang out. Usually Fri-Sun. (: Its kinda hard just to see him 3 days a week but i understand he has a important job within the Army and I support him. 5 more days and it will be a month for us! (: I am super excited!! (: ♥<br />
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If anyone would like to talk, im here for ya!<br />
Ive also dated a guy in the Air Force and we been thru alot!! <br />
And My grandpa was in the Navy. ♥ (R.I.P. Grandpa)<br />

My Army guy and I actually met on, he would always ask me to hang out and go play volleyball with him and his friends and I would always say no. well on September 8,2010 I met him for the first time at a Wal-Mart in my town (made sure my dad was with me :) ) My dad confirmed he was in the military by checkin his I.D. ( my dad was in the military years ago also) and then dad let me leave with him and him and I hung out and dad told me to be home at I wanna say 23:30 and Tom( my man) made sure he had me home early. and tomorrow will be our 3 weeks together :))

To all the ladies who have read my story and have contributed how they met their wonderful man...thank you! Because, that's what EP is, and I appreciate every little thing that it did for me and as I hope it did for you! This is an baby and I are finally together at last! For those who need to talk, please don't be afraid to message me! Let's continue to help each other out =) V.

my sophmore year in high school i met him at a baseball game and he asked me for my best friends number and she didn't have one so i gave him mine to talk to her... a few weeks later he texted me and told me how he couldn't stand her and we texted everyday after that. he became my best friend and we fell in love. he decided last november to join the army and at the time i never thought we would make until Feb. 22. but we did, in love and hopeful, i wait for his letter or call everyday! until June 29!<br />
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your story amazes me. go girl!! =)

I met my Army Man when we were both in high school. Actually I was in middle school. He's my brothers best friend so he was always around and after years of hanging out we finally realized we like each other and just started dating 2 months ago and he left 2 weeks ago for the Army. But it was definitely not love at first sight because I NEVER thought I would end up being with him. At one point I was even scared of him! hahaha. It's hard to imagine that after years of saying that he was the biggest jerk on Earth that I'm with him. But he's a great guy. It just took me some time to see that.

I met my Army Man before he enlisted. I had a mutual friend of ours living with me. One day when I got home from work, my roommate had invited probably 5 guys over and he was one of them. As soon as I walked in the door I looked straight at him and he looked straight at me, and from that moment on I just knew I wanted to be with him. It wasn't like a love at first sight thing at all. It was more of this could really be something sort of thing lol. After that night we just started hanging out. He'd text me at random times saying I had to come open my door because he had a suprise for me and he would be standing there on my porch :) I also never thought I would be an army girlfriend, but its been so worth it that I don't ever regret agreeing to it.

aww thats great! Good luck with everything and i am always here to talk if you need!<br />
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Me and my soldier met before he was enlisted. One of my good friends and I were really bored one night so she called him cause they were good friends at one point and so she said that her and her friend wanted to hang out with him and he asked if i was cute lol such a guy and so then we hung out. He was actually texting his ex during the night so i told myself that I did not want to get involved with him cause of that but then time went on and we started talking and he would ask to hang out all the time but i kept telling him no but then we started to hang out a lot and then boom he asked me to be his gf and then he enlisted and now he is in ait. I never ever wanted to be an army gf/wife/fiance. He told me that he wanted to stay with me but if i wanted to leave he understood, but i just couldnt break up with him even if i wanted to. Plus if I never tried I would regret it and I would never know if it really would have worked out like it is. :)