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Hello all,I am new to this group. I just wanted to meet new people that in the same situation I am in and try to talk with others since it is better commincating with others who are in the same situation I am in. I never thought that I would become an Army Girlfriend. We have been together for 2 years and the love we have is still stronger each and every day that passes us.We are planning to get married after he returns from his deployment. I never experienced anything like this before. It's something new, but yet tough. He will be getting deployed within the next couple of months to Afghanistan and will be there for almost two years. As most of you have probably already been through. My fiancee and I are preparing for his first deployment. He worries alot about me and  I tell him that im going to be just fine. How do I make sure he doesnt worry to much about me and keeps his head where its supposed to be so he can come home to me? When he decided that he wanted to enlist in the Army FULL time I was a little nervous, but made the promise to stay by his side threw it all. We talked a lot about his decision and no matter what we stuck by each others side. Every since he was a  little boy he always wanted to join the army and I didnt want to stop his dream. I always remind him that he has family and friends that love,care and support him. Threw this whole time I’ve been doing what I can to stay strong, focused, have faith and always support him.When my fiancee was about to leave to his station I thought that I wasnt going to be able to make it. We only had 2 weeks together before he leave to his station I will always remember the times we had together. I cried like a big baby when he left and thought about him so much. It wasn't a time that he didn't cross my mind. I had alot of comfort and support from friends and family though, but I just felt like there is only so much people understand with what I am going threw. I think its better to me personally to look for addvice and support from those people who are in the same situation I am in. I am trying to stay busy as possible, but not always easy at times. I am getting use to the different time zone he is in. I always have my phone by me 24/7 and looks forward to those calls. I have saved all the letters he has wrote me.  I keep a journal with me to write in everyday so I can give it to him so he can read when ever he has the chance especially since he will go overseas soon. I know that he loves to read  those notes, little drawings or poems I wrote him. He looks forward to when he gets little things I make for him especially when my brother and sister send him things. I am not sure when is the next time I see him. He is trying to at least get leave before he goes overseas so he can have couple of days with those that care and love him. I'm gonna be thankful to have him safe in my arms. I can say that being an soliders fiancee  isn't easy at all. It's like the hardest job ever. I can only imagine how it is being a wife! ! Being an army girlfriend not only has made me strong but it has made our relationship strong. Its definately much harder being in a relationship with some one in the military compared to someone  thats not so much different things to get use to but as long as they know you by there side supporting them & still love & care for them things will be great. Communication, love, faith, honestly & trust is the key things to always have I love him more than words can explain his my world, my heart, my soul ur my entire life. I know for a fact that if I didn’t have him in my life I’d be lost & miserable. He has give my life meaning.He is the reason I wake up in the morning, the reason for my breathing. He has such impact on my life. When I wanted to give up so many times he was there to steer me the right way and now I am by his side. I know I can count on him for anything & he can always count on me. I know he would never turn his back on me even if he didn’t agree with what I’m saying. I thank god everyday for bringing him to me for him allowing me to experience love. I want to spend forever with him and I cant wait to get married & have kids. I want to grow old with him, fall asleep & wake up next to him till forever. I can’t wait to be the one next to him when he accomplishes all his goals. Whenever his down he knows I’m going to be the one to lift him back up,he knows he can always count on me because I will NEVER turn my back on him. I promised him forever & that promise will never be broken. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. ♥12-20-07 our love will never die only gets stronger every time. He is the most sweetest and caring guy I have ever met. He is my hero and I would not trade him in for anything at all. I recently got a support group at my college  accepted for people who have somebody in the miltary.Stay Strong girls and always keep your head up. Please feel free to add me.Hooah,Melissa
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Realy super web...very interesting among all.

Hi Melissa, I'm very new tothis website, but I love it so much. It's great to see that I'm not alone. I just got done reading your story and I wanted to let you know how inspiring it was for me. Thank you :) and good luck.<br />