Phone Call

my guy called me last night!

I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited last night.


but he was exhausted. so he didnt say much. in fact, he can never say much about what he is doing (For obvious reasons), so we usually just talk about plans for the summer when he will be home.


I am a pretty talkative person though, so i try to make up for his quietness by talking a lot.. and then i feel stupid.

this is so weird. when he is home and we are together we have the most fun and random conversations. now i almost feel like i am forcing it.


does anyone else feel this way ever?

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3 Responses Feb 17, 2010

he cant talk about anything he is doing over there you have realized that which most girls dont get and get frusterated, dont feel dumb he wants to know all about whats going on back home and how everyone is doing it is the good news to his day and loves to hear your voice im sure so keep talkingt to him and when he has someting he wants to say or tell you he will...and as for the random conversations those arent high on his must do list right now stick to what matters and when hes home have the fun kinda pointless conversations

Oh my yes its the exact same way with us. When hes home everything is wonderful we alugh joke around play around but then when hes awway its the exact opposite. Because they are under aot of stress whenever we talk it usually ends up in an argument, one little thing could turn into this whole argument, mostly cause when they talk to us it makes it even harder cause of how muc hthey miss us and wan to be home with us so its easier for them to be mad and cause fights. As for the talking yes one of the problems me and my boyfriend have is the talking on the phone. He will literally have nothing to say cause he cant talk about it so im the one who has to make up all the conversation, but then ill feel bad about talking about whats going on because he cant be here. but ive realized he wants to know whats going on,regardless of feeling left out or not. Right now it might be hard but itll get better. Me and my boyfriend have gotten alot better now and dont argue at all exact minor jokes at eachother for entertainment purposes. I told him that the arguing was putting stress on our relationshipand making it twice as hard and he realized that and once we told eachother how we felt about everything,it got soo much better for us. Just if something bothering oyu talk to himabout it. NAd dont feel bad about being the only one talking, i feel the same way trust me but they like hearing us and knowing whats going on, it helps them be distracted from where they are at

Yes Girl, i have that problem all the time. Don't worry it will get better, cause yes there exhasuted and my boyfriends like that to when were home we laugh non stop, but when we talk we argue alot, there under alot of stress but i dont think they realize we are to. But im shure when he's more used to it, it will be better(; good luck though!