The Beginning..

Today I dropped him off at the recruiting station to leave for basic training and AIT.  He does not get to come home in between.  Training alone, he will be gone for 48 weeks.

He is the most amazing person I have ever known and one of the few people that deserve to have all their dreams come true.  He wanted to join right out of high school but personal reasons made it difficult. So now, 5 years later, he is about to achieve his dream.  I am his number 1 cheerleader.  I have never been more proud and excited for anyone person in my life. 

It's a bitter sweet feeling.  The hardest part for me is not being able to experience this with him.  I have cried countless tears despite my hardest attempts to keep them in.  I know I need to be strong, I've heard it a hundred times that in order for us to succeed, I need to be strong.  But sometimes I want my chance to break down and be that weak little girl.  If I could remove one thing from everyones mind and mouth is "you knew what you were getting yourself into". Well, of course I did but it still doesn't make it any easier.  It's hard when you have no one there that knows what you are going through. 

I have read some of the other posts and stories from other people and it has already made me feel better.  I know thousands have gone through what I am going through now and have made it out okay in the end.. and I know that I will make it, that him and I will make it.  I thank you all for you stories, they provide so much comfort, especially to someone who is new in this situation. 

sands0925 sands0925
22-25, F
Feb 23, 2010