A Great Day!

So had just gotten off work and I was in a terrible mood ( I work in fast food *yuck*lol) and it was just one of thoes irritating days and I was just missing him so much today.  But I got home and as soon as I walked in the door my mom looked at me smiling and said, "You got a letter." I absolutly love thoes four words.  My day instantly got better and just reading it made me SO HAPPY. (Hes in boot camp right now and has been gone for over three weeks) I don't know how he does it, but just when I am having a horrible day and missing him so much I get a letter and I feel amazing.  He said in his letter that he was telling the guys that he knows I'm the one that he wants to marry and I couldn't be happier! (I'll be 6 months for us the 8th) I know that seems sort of fast, but I think things just move faster for our army relationships. I am so happy right now ladys and I just wanted to share that with you! I pray that phone calls and letters will come to all the wonderful women who read this!!!

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3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

im still waiting on my first letter too...hoping it says great things like yours lol

Awh. Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you. <br />
I'm still waiting on my first letter but it's only been 8 days so far.

You made my day :) I've been really luck and getting about three letters a week since he started basic 6 weeks ago. I haven't gotten a letter since Monday (it's Thursday) and I just can't wait to get the next one because for a hour or so I am so happy and feel even more connected to him. So thanks for the prayer! Right back at you :)