This is the first deployment I've had to go through with my soldier. Do any of y'all ladies know about how long it takes to hear from them once they're over there? Example: Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. It's driving me crazy, and I just wanted to know how much longer it's gonna be! I'd really appreciate feedback!!

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i heard from my man after he landed and was on his fob, he wanted to make sure i knew he was ok, i dont know how often you hear from yours and what hes job description is but i consider myself to be one of the lucky ones i hear from him almost once a day via phone or internet, phones have also been down alot over there so try and keep your head up i know and believe it is hard

awww glad you heard from him!<br />
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It took my bf about 2 days after he left to Iraq to call me. I swear it was the longest 2 days ever. After that, I would get a short email every few days, I guess until they settled in. Now, I talk to him almost everyday through IM when he is working. He hasnt been gone that long though. Who knows what will happen throughout the yr. <br />
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Stay strong girl!!!

YES! I just heard from him! I'm soooo happy.

Usually within the first depends really where hes stationed and how busy it is there. I heard from mike (my boyfriend) 3 days after he got deployed well it was after he returned from his r&r he just had...have you heard from him yet???