Harder Days..

I know it is just the beginning but I have quickly learned that there really are good and bad days.  Yesterday was a good day.  But today is the furthest thing from it.  I am trying so hard to keep busy but it seems so forced.  I some how managed to not cry at all yesterday but today, it is all I want to do.  And despite my hardest attempts to keep the tears a bay, a few have managed to slip out.  I need so badly to hear from him, and I feel so selfish saying that.  I know he is going through so much right now but if I could just hear his voice for just a second, I would feel at ease.  I am dying to know his address and if he is safe, which I am sure he is.. but still, it's apart of love.  He is my rock, my life, and my love.. he is the person I share everything with and I am the same for him.  I am hoping that he needs to hear my voice as badly as I need his.. granted I know he is busy with having to adjust to an entirely different life style so I am sure he is doing his best to not think about it. 

I have said it before and I will say it again a million times how proud I am of him and how amazing he is.. so it makes me feel awful when I have my moments where I wish so badly that he is sitting here next to me. 

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i wake up sad everyday because he is not here next to me. I am still in high school but he was with me everyday and most nights. i cry most days and it's been a week lol but you shouldn't feel selfish i do the same thing almost everyday. and yes trying to stay busy feels so forced doesnt it .

He is at Fort Jackson. I am trying to be patient but not hearing from him is the hardest part. Once I do, I know I will be better but until then.. I'm just about a mess. There wasn't a day that we didn't talk to each other, in fact, it was a rare day that we didn't see each other.. so this is just completely heartbreaking.

Hi Hun, how are you? it makes me cry reading your story. but as what you read here. It will get better. if you wanted to cry just cry. let it out. I cried everyday and it's been a month now. I've been depressed for 2 weeks. Write him everyday and once you get the address you can send it. I'm like u also his my everything. I'm sure his thinking about u. once u get his letter that's what his going to say.<br />
Where is his basic? message me anytime ok? Be strong

Awh. I know what you mean. But hey you should be getting a letter in the next week or so so that should brighten up your day! I can't wait to get mine. If you need to talk I'm here.