Finally Heard From Him!

After 7 days of not-so-patiently waiting, I heard from him.  It wasn't a call or a letter which is what I was expecting for when I heard from him but it was a text.  Which was the best thing because I was at the gym and I have been very persistant when it comes to keeping my phone with me in case he got a chance to call.  But I figured, it being a Thursday evening, my odds were pretty low of hearing from him, so I left my phone in the car.  When I got back to the car I noticed two text messages.. both from him.  He told me that he couldn't't call and didn't know when he would get a chance  to but that he would write as much as he could and that he loved me and he missed me and told me to keep my head up.  Before I even read the messages I started crying, right there in the middle of the parking lot. I was so happy but upset with myself that I missed hearing my phone go off and seeing his name pop up.  I texted him back but I know he hasn't gotten it yet but I feel better knowing that it will be there for when he can turn his phone back on.  Knowing that he couldn't call makes me think that he wasn't even suppose to be texting me, which reassures me he is thinking of me and does love me.. saying that makes it seem like I doubt his love for me, but that is not what I mean at all.  It almost feels like a hug, kiss, or hand hold.  Just like that extra touch that reminds you instantly why you are with someone, that feeling of butterflies in the pit of your stomach.  Now I just need to wait for his address so I can mail the stack of letters I already have waiting for him.  Hopefully I will get it sooner than later, and I will be one step closer to him. 

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4 Responses Mar 5, 2010

omg... i so hope they get the address soon!!

Yeah I would too. Yeah they tell you one thing then change it the next minute.<br />
<br />
Mine too! I'll let you know if I get anything.

I would hope that we would find out their address around the same time because they are there together.. but you never know with the Army. But fingers crossed we get it asap!

Awh. Congrats. I'm so happy for you. (:<br />
I know what you mean bout feeling reassured. My guy called me a couple days ago even though he wasn't allowed to...which made me feel special that he snuck a phone call to me and risked getting in trouble. I also have a stack of letters waiting to be mailed but so far I haven't received one so I can't send them. I hope you get his address soon!