I feel horrible being irritated right now, but I am.  Everything and everyone says that we (meaning his mother and myself) should have gotten information by now, but nothing.  We still don't have his address. His parents still haven't gotten the information from the commander.  And his mother called because they said that after a certain amount of days we can call to get the address.. and the guy was horrible to her.  So we are stil stuck.   I am getting very impatient, and I do not like it.  It's not who I am.  I know one of the things my boyfriend loves about me is my patience.  Granted, I know I can be a nag but I am patient.  But clearly, I am not.  I am trying to be the cool and collected person I usually am, but every day I find it harder.  I am not sitting and pouting, even though it does sound like it right now.  And I am trying to keep a smile up and let everyone see that I am okay, but there are those moments where I'm not okay.  Where the only person that will make it better seems to missing.  I know, and I've said it before here, that once I do get that letter and address I will finally feel better.. but until then, I will continue to be anxious.  Now I am not just waiting to hear from him but for my sanity to return.  I do keep busy and keep up with my normal schedule, which is missing one huge part, my love.. oh well, I suppose I am done venting.

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I am on vacation right now and my mom called me the day I left telling me I got a letter.. of course it was when I had just left! I don't get home until Tuesday but I can't wait to get home and read it!! It's been there since this past Tuesday. I have never been more excited for a vacation to be over haha!

i know the feeling, im waiting for my first letter too.. me and his mom have been going crazy.. just try to distract yourself from thinking about it, at least thats what i try to do! hope you get one very soon!

hey girly im not sure if he is deployed but if thats the story my boyfriend was gone for two weeks before he finally got me his address and thats cause they have to get them to the right fob and make sure thats were they are staying, daniel change fob twice before i got his address so just keep your head up i know its really hard not knowning

Still nothing.. not just me, his parents too. We are hoping it's simply because we live in a smaller town and the mail is horrible here. I know Shawn, he would never make me or his mother wait knowing how emotional we can be haha so I am sure that there is at least something on its way. Its just the waiting part that is frustrating. I'll keep you ladies posted! I can't say how much the two of you have really helped.. its nice to have a few people out there on your side. I really appreciate it!

omg! still nothing?? this is insane girl. I cannot imagine how really upsetting this is. =( i hope you get SOMETHING soon...

Awh Girl. I hope you get a letter or some information soon. My fingers are crossed for ya!