So my guy has been sending me letters like crazy!! But his sister that I've met once (and when I tried to talk to her she ignored me) asked for his address. In my guy's letters he said to only give it to his dad's girlfriend, his one brother & his one sister. So I told her that I wanted to but I couldn't because I the last thing I want is my guy to be mad at me. Well she's mad at me. & I don't want that either. But she never had anything to do with him except when she needed a babysitter for her 2 little kids. See my guy isn't close to his family. He only likes his one brother, one sister, his dad & his girlfriend. Which I guess I understand. He's the youngest of 6 kids and some of his brothers & sisters are almost 30. All of sudden that he's gone they're all trying to get contact with him or they're asking me a bunch of questions but they had nothing to do with him while he was still here. They didn't even bother to go to his high school graduation. Not one person from his family went. So I don't see why they're all concerned now. I just hate that she's mad at me and acting like the biggest ***** because I'm keeping my word to my guy and only giving his address to who he says. My mom said I should have just gave it to her since it is his sister. But I don't know.

Any advice on what to do??

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Some of my hubby's family is that way...his biological mom is trying to act all motherly and like she cares now that he is in the Army. (she wanted little to nothing to do with him before then) I am not a huge fan...I didn't even know she existed for a while.

exactly!!! im the same way lol

Thanks guys. That's what I planned on doing. I'd rather her be mad at me then him. (:

Keep strong to your word girl! Its hard but you can do it. Or maybe just ask him about it and see what he thinks now...

I agree, tell him that his sister wants his address and you will probably hear back from him soon. Try not to take it personally when she gets mad, and stay out of his family drama as much as possible. It's hard during basic though, all kind of weird stuff seems to happen! My soldier's ex-girlfriend and high school friend started contacting me with major drama and it made me feel uncomfortable. I told me soldier about it on the phone and told him I felt bad because it felt like I was involved with stuff that wasn't my business. He said not to worry about it. After a couple of weeks it all mellows out. You would also be surprised how many people ask for their address and then don't mail a thing!

i know you dont want her mad at you, but this is what your man asked of you. do you really want to disrespect him? probably not. i really think its up to him, and him only. i would just let him know what is going on with this sister and let him decide what he wants to do. and tell the sister that it is out of your hands. that its ultimately his decision. and youre sorry. thats all you can do. good luck