Cadet Of Navy Jr. Rotc

I am a Junior 17 years old and i have just joined about 7 months ago or less
I am Cadet P03 petty officer 3rd class (Seamen) This is the first year i have been in the program and I Love it.
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How many women are their on your ship, and do you have much friends on board. What's it like at night are the stars brighter, do you get sea sickness, do you know how to use a gun. Can you knock a man out and how do you cope with your desire to desire your self if you don't mind me asking.

I'm not in the Navy I was in a High school class that is to teach a Military manner i was never in the navy. but those are good questions wish i could answer them. Nope i'm not really good on boats we went to the CG and it was not the best while moving and watching waves it makes you feel like your moving different directions at once.

Thaks for your reply. Maybe someone will read what i asked and fill me in, and when i read some other stuff you put out can i ask about too. But for now im off see you around and later.