I'm the youngest war Veteran ever in all history 😐 I have no life. What else was I suppose to do. Parents dead,whole family died on a holiday 😒
It's only me. What else do I do? Sit here and be miserable and useless ? I've been shot and stared dead straight into the eyes. I've seen heaven. I've been to hell and back.
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Where were you stationed?

You have to live. You have to wake up each morning and do something. I'm sorry for your loss can't even begin to understand it but I'm certain your parents would want you to be happy. So make them proud they are still with you in spirit.

Thanks! My life has changed! Now I serve and protect. I'm Australian ! And my duties are to protect the ones who need it the most

Very noble! I wish you well.

Thanks ! All the best to you Ma'am

Uggghhhh, that makes me feel old but thank you

Really? Don't ever feel old. Age is just a number.

So said the younger man to the older woman..lol

Well hey sometimes younger men like the older women ! Good example me

I think an email went out stating that cause because that's all I seem to attract..lol

Wait say again! Could quiet understand ?

That it's a huge thing now, much younger guys into much older women.

Yeah I guess it's the more experience

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