My Experience:moving Home For Deployment

My husband left on his first deployment in December of 2009. I had talked to my husband a lot about what I should do,should i move back home to Missouri which we are stationed out of Fort Stewart GA or, should I just stay. Well it got to that time where it was time for him to leave. So he told me that he would rather me just go home and stay with my mom cause all our family is in Missouri. I told him that I could not live with my mother,I love my mother dearly!But I just knew we could not live together LOL. So I ended up giving up and was like fine I will just go back home. Well,long story short I am in Missouri now,and I tried to live with my mom,it just didn't work out like I had told him.I was thinking everyone was going help me,they was all going to understand what I'm going through but they don't.It's really hard!I have some family and friends that seriously act like they could care less if they even seen me and the kids,people just acting crazy.It's so hard from having your own place to and running your own house hold to living with people and living by other people's rules.I have made up my mind that I will NEVER move home on a deployment again!LOL.Visit's are great and I will for sure come visit,but will not change my mailing address again!Has anyone ever experienced this?
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lol you make me terrified to go live back home when jake deploys next june, he has told me it would be a good idea for me to move back home but id rather jus stay near the base where he is stationed cus i have serious family drama, so i feel you on that, people should be more supportive of you, look what your doing, your a strong woman. I def am not gonna move home no matter how much he pushes that i end up going crazy lol