Command Sponsorship, Please Help!

I've been having a horrible time trying to figure this out EFMP thing out. No one will help me or my husband with information on how to do this and have been jerked around for the last couple months. First the have some lady call me and tell me to fill out a form, then when I complete it and send it to my husband they say its the wrong form. Basically wasting my time. I'm entirely confused. Now I have to fill out form 5888, but my questions is HOW? I live at least 1-2 hours away from any military treatment facility and its an air force base, do they do ARMY efmp screenings? and I have TRICARE standard, do i need prime? ANY INFORMATION OR ADVICE WOULD REALLY HELP ME OUT
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1 Response Jul 24, 2010

Hey! The EFMP Form you are supposed to fill out is supposed to come from your husband. His Unit has to sign it before the doctors can sign off on it. I went to a civilian doctor then sent it off by fax to the nearest military post. Who completed their portion and then faxed it back to me then i sent it back to my husband. Wheres your husband stationed? Also you can go to any Military Instalation to get things done. But always keep records if you go to a different branchs clinic. I got shots done at the Air Force Base near my home but the shots didnt show on the Army stuff so i just had to give them a copy of my shot records.