My husband was just home on R&R, well by just, I mean a month. But in the army life, a month isn't long to be away from someone. He returned back to Afghanistan, and we have roughly 100+ days until he is home. I hate it when he frist leaves. My room is a mess again. I have such a hard time putting his things away. His jeans and shirts, and even cups he used while he was home. I just don't want to disturb them. I know once I finally do clean up I will have to accept that he is gone again. These things never seem to get easier. We have a wonderful marriage, and although deployment is hard, it isn't weakened us at all. I'm a young army wife, I'm 22 years old. I guess the majority of us are young though, I think I read the average age of an army wife is 19. We've been married 2 years ( in september). Its been a long, hard road, but my husband starts out processing upon his return in November. I can't wait :)
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...I didn't realise YOU too are serving!!!!! Should have checked Ur profile before i responded to your post..I salute You young lady and I Thank-You for your supporting Your soldier...You should change you screen name to DollFace Your cute as a button as us old folks say...