Things Are Weird On This Side....

I met my husband while both of us were serving in the military, of course we never saw each other as anything more than friends. After both of us had been divorced about a year, we decided that maybe we should give "us" a shot. I got out of the military and came home while he got deployed in April. I have to tell you...i have a whole new respect for the spouses of deployed soldiers. After being in for 10 years myself, i'm very used to being on the other side..but this has been a new strange experience for me. My husband and i have a whole new level of trust and respect for each other. Its an awful feeling not being able to call him when i want or talk to him when i want or to even know when i'll see him next. I hate going to family functions alone and having to explain i haven't talked to him in a couple of days...yes things are fine between i don't know where hes at right now. it's craziness. so to all of you Army wives hats off to you. whether your new to this or an old have my ultimate respect. i hope and pray our journey is a blessed one.

--the military wife fights the first battle when she kisses her soldier goodbye--
dmpesina dmpesina
Aug 3, 2010