A New Life...one I Never Thought I Would Have Or Want

I am 23 my fiance is a staff ssg in the us army, I love him more than I knew I could ever love another person he is such an amazing person.
 Our story kinda started in high school I knew who he was from seeing him around and having an ag. class with him(of course he was never in the class room though he was always outside working or on the tractor) I remember thinking that he was pretty cute and I knew there was just something about him. He ended up graduating and joined the army right after he was outta school. From then I would hear things about him every now and then because of the fact that we are from a small town and he's friends with my cousin, Well as the years went by he married and so did I. He had been divorced for  short while and had come home for christmas & new yr. well it just so happened I went to a local bar to hang out with my cousin and my cousin had brought him as soon as J walked in with my cousin I knew I wanted to introduce myself and get to know him. Soon my cousin came over and did the my friend thinks your cute lol and he gave me J's phone # and so I text J and then went over and took him out on the dance floor from that moment on we were together the rest of the night. The down side was that he was leaving at 4am to go back to base. He made sure to tell me that I had better stay in contact with him. Now all this time I have the thought in the back of my head I had just split up from my husband and didnt know if I wanted a relationship and when I did find someone they would have to be everything I have ever wanted in a man, but there was also 1 huge thing that made me hesitant I had always told myself I would never date a soldier! Well from the time we left the bar that night we were texting eachother and we would talk on the phone for hours and we realised we had so much in common he had everything I have ever wanted in a man. Two weeks later he flew me to see him and I stayed for about three weeks and in that time I felt like I had known J for years and he was my best friend we just fit together and there was no denying what there was between us we both felt it. So we decided that I would go back home for about 2 weeks to take care of some things and then come back. So thats what we did, when I came back he was only here with me for 2 weeks and he had to leave me to help train some guys so I was alone in a place where I knew no one for a month without him. And as any military wife knows we spend a lot of time away from our men and thats one reason i thought i could never be with a soldier. But since I made the choice to be with him I have never been happier and yes it is very hard to have so much time away from him but I know that it's all for a good reason so as hard as it is i'm ok with it and I am 100% supportive of him and what he does. It's 8 months later and he is once again gone for a month and I have just found out I am about 7 weeks pregnant with our first child and it's very hard that he wasnt here when I found out and I had no way to call him I had to wait for him to call me and its hard not having him here just to talk to about it and our future or any of those things and to not have him here for the little things ya know. But as I have said before even though it is hard I wouldnt change him for the world I love him more than anything and I am so proud of him. I think the hardest thing that we are going to have to go through with this pregnancy is he wont be here for the birth he will have just deployed over seas for a year so not only is he missing our first childs birth he is missing the whole first year and he wont even be able to come home on r&r to meet our new baby till the baby is about 4 to 6 months if not older. And on top of that you always have that thought in the back of your mind that he may never get that chance to meet his son or daughter if heaven forbid something was to happen to him. When I tell people things about being with a man in the army they seem to think im crazy for wanting to be with someone I dont see most of the time and that is gone for so many big events in our lives but I hold my head high and tell them yes it is hard but you gotta suck it up and drive on because we arent just the women sitting at home waiting for our men we are their support and so much more. I wouldn't change who I love and who he is for anything! So thats my story so far of getting use to the army life and preparing for whatever it may throw our way the best we can.20@
tdelany tdelany
22-25, F
Aug 13, 2010