Just Found Out We're Pregnant!

...And that he's deploying... Anyway that's not what i'm going to write about.
I'm living in England right now at RAF Menwith Hill. If I choose to i'll be here to have my baby. Does anyone know what paperwork i have to fill out for it? Passport, visa, ect.
Also does anyone know about bringing a dog home from over here. We got a border collie from the farming area up the road. I know there's tons of regulations on bringing an animal into England but i don't know about from England to America.
I'm thinking about going home when he deploys because he won't be here for the birth of the baby and I'll have no one out here since all of my friends will have PSC'd by the time the baby is born. I will want to come back when he comes home from Iraq because he won't be done with his tour here at Menwith. I don't know what i want to do.. I wish his command would say never mind and he could stay here for our first born. I know this is what it's like in the army doesn't mean i have to like it.
MrsSpecialistP MrsSpecialistP
22-25, F
Aug 14, 2010