I'm The Mistress To The Army

I've been married to my husband for 8 years, and the true and had truth is that she is his wife and master and I am the lonely mistress that he'll get to when she let's him. The army has done no favoris for me or my family. Don;t get me wrong it has supported us financially but mentally it's torn my family apart. My husband is suffering from some pretty nasty after effects from all hid deployments. The man I married is no the one I live with now, and I don't like the one he is. I'm just bidding my time at this point so that I can divorce him and the Army out of mine and my children's lives. The worst thing I've ever done is supported a person who could not priorities his life enough to understand that Family has to have a place in your life. I truly think that the military facilitates a lifestyle that lets males stay boys for as long as they want. As a mother of 2 boys it sucks that they will never see thier own father grow up!!
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2010

Thanks MissArmyWife....this divorce cannot come soon enough! I will not say that the Army did not treat us well, I'm just over the whole deploy or training thing all the time. I'm glad my time with the Army are coming to an end. But I do wish you the best of luck! I know that relationships--real realationships are possible I've seen them, I just wasn't so blessed in this situation.

I am so sorry hunnie! I understand where you are coming from. Though I have not been doing this for 8 years like you have. I do think it is also the person that they are inside that controls him. The army did not change the person that he was on the inside, he did! And if you are as miserable as you sound, I hope this divorce is the best for you.