My Army Wife Story!! <3

Hello all.....

          So i guess i am just here to talk to other army wives or vent. So im going to start from the beginning. Me and my husband are both 21 years old he has been in the army for 8 months in left oust trainin at ft benning in sept 2010. We have been together for almost 6 years and married for 9 months, he is truelly one of the best things that in my life. We have our arguements but when i really think about it there is always more good times than bad!  We have no kids yet but one day! As of now were have been stationed at fort drum for 3 months and its not as bad as everyone ways it is maybe i think that because i dont have to try in the snow or shovel it but its not the worst place we could be. I havent met any army wives i can just click with but i have met a few people i see occasionally. That is probly y i am on here to talk to other wives. My husband and i just found out to day his exact deployment date and it is very soon. I knew it was coming in 2011 when he got out of fort benning but i aways thought i would stay at the post but i have recetly decided to move back home, cause i havent developed any stronge relationships with the people at fort drum. idk how this year is going to be but life is always a mystery you never really know whats going to happen so all i can do is keep my faith in God as always and not let this deployment and its baggage take over my life. Well i guess that is about it for now I will be praying all you other Army wifes have a great year and you stay strong!!!

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I'm not exactly an army wife yet, but I'm curious about your experience. Did your husband leave for his deployment yet, I realize this story is somewhat old. I'm sorry to bother, but my boyfriend and I are going through our first deployment and I'm curious about other peoples experience, on the more serious relationship level.

Nice post,thanks.