Happy New Army Wife (:

This is my story.... My husband and I just got married on January 16th. We have been together for 3 years off and on. He has been in the army for 2 years now. He has already been deployed to Afganistan for a year right out of basic training. He is the love of my life. We did have our problems but we look at the big fact that we both love each other to much to just throw it away. While he was in Afganistan we talked as much as we could via internet and phone calls. He was always talking about spending the rest of his life with me and starting a family. Which I wanted deeply. So when he came home we were attached at the hip. (: And the day we went and got his gun from Gander Mt. He went a taught me how to shot for my first time. He put up a beer bottle I had to hit. My third try I demoligshed that beer bottle. And I was so excited I told him to find my shell so I could keep it and always remember, well I'll also remember cause that was the time he proposed to me!!! I said yesss of course. We only had two weeks to plan the wedding. Thank god his Uncle had his own church and was a pastor so it was a beautiful wedding. After we got married we moved down here to Fayetteville, North Carolina. He is based at Fort Bragg Army base. The first day we started looking for a house we found a perfect one tens mins off of post. I couldn't be more happier to call myself an Army Wife. I love my soldier veryy much. Thank god he shouldn't be getting deployed till 2012. But all of us know that can change. I am here for anyone who needs advice or who someone just wants to talk to you. Just message me. (:
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Welcome im Crystal... Just thought i would offer my support i am here if you end up needing to talk...

Welcome Im Elise (soon to be a Army wife ( national guard one:)*** Seems as if you and him have been through alot.....<br />
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My the husband will be deploying some time this fall....for the frist time....and its going to be hard on us.....I just hope our love is strong enough to get through it.